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About Us

The Afrolutionist is a digital institution that aims to realize inclusive development in Africa and the diaspora through a human rights lens. We believe that development is not a separational process, that is fixated on industrial development, but rather the surety of holistic social, environmental, economic and political wellness in societies.

The Afrolutionist has adopted SDG17 (a goal focusing on the collaboration of all goals to reduce inequalities) and holds space on applied research, forums and documented knowledge sharing in realizing inclusive development and works in knowledge production and sharing for the benefit of Africans in the continent, African diaspora and people of African descent.


1. To create and share knowledge on inclusive development for the African continent, as well as the diaspora and geographies of people of African descent. 

2. To amplify critical thought on inclusive development through digital and cultural storytelling.

3. To build capacity for young development practitioners to help realize both sustainable development goals and Agenda 2063.